Unannounced Absence

Unfortunately there was a no show for Canada Post (CP) on today's pick up, and today was the only "safe day" for many orders to be in transit to the eastern provinces.

This will now result in a few more days of delay as some provinces will be too cold for ground service starting tomorrow. Not to mention the large CP backlog piled up between Christmas and Boxing Day, it is highly likely many packages will be sitting in limbo at the CP processing center until they are able to catch up. Therefore, with the current forecast in mind, the previously weather delayed orders will likely be in transit early next week to their destinations. 

Again, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding on this delay. As much as we'd love to get your orders delivered ASAP, the weather has not been on our sides this winter season! 

Stay warm!

Team MB.💖💖




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