✨✨A Celebration Worth Mentioning✨✨

Four quick years have gone by since we first introduced Dear Klairs to our lovely Canadian customers! As of December 2021, we hit an unbelievable milestone of over 2 million bottles (each) sold globally between the Supple Preparation Facial Toner and Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop.

It's hard to put into words how it feels and what it means to us to see Dear Klairs grow over these years. We are incredibly thankful to all our Canadian Klairs supporters as none of this could have been possible without all of you!

To celebrate this special moment, Dear Klairs has created a very limited box set called "Sparkle Moments". This set will include both full size products (Toner + Vitamin Drop), a product brochure card, as well as a popperoni card (with instructions) all packaged in a very elegant box. This would make a perfect gift for the holiday season.

Limited stock will be available for purchase as part of the special commitment between Mikaela Beauty and Dear Klairs. We will also reserve a small amount of stock as a special promo for those who want to participate!

Many of our customers know that we prefer to use our own photos to showcase each product, but this time we will let Klairs do the honors. 🥰




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