The K-Beauty Steps


Korean Skin Care Routine

Love to take care of your skin but not sure where to begin? It can certainly seem complicated and misleading when you first explore the famous K-Beauty Steps, but the end result is so rewarding, many people globally have started doing it! Let us guide you through the following steps to make this process easier. Just like learning another new skill in your life, this one will surely benefit you for a long time!

Before we get into details, please note that everyone's skin is unique. Yes, you have heard this many times, which is why after learning the K-Beauty Steps, you will have to experiment and choose the right products for your own skin through each step. Always test a small patch on your skin prior to a full application, and consult a healthcare professional if irregular skin reaction appears. The key to these steps are mixing with different layers, and once you find the right products that work for your own skin, you have found your own Korean Beauty steps!  

    In this section we will discuss the type of cleansers you should use; typical cleansers are divided into two categories - Oil Based and Water Based. Each category does its own job.

    Oil-based cleansers are typically your makeup remover; they help remove any stubborn or waterproof makeup. Make sure the cleanser is massaged well around your face before applying water as this will help dissolve any makeup. Once complete, massage your face again with some water on your hands and rinse well with water.

    Water-based cleaners are the next step to remove any leftover dirt and oil around your face. The most popular ones are foam cleansers - try to start with a low-pH foam cleanser as they are a similar pH level to your skin. 

    This step is not required for everyday use, but it is recommended for once or twice a week. Exfoliating products help bond the next layers of skincare products by removing any dead skin and really cleaning up the pores. After this step, your skin will feel polished and smooth.

    Everyone should keep this step in their routine as toner's help re-balance your skin's pH level after cleansing, as well as providing extra hydration prior to the next step. This can also reduce your wrinkles in the long run as it tightens the skin while shrinking down your pores. Put a few drops onto a cotton pad, apply over your face gently, and allow it to soak and wait for the next step.

    Different than serums, essences are typically less concentrated and lightweight and applied to your face after toning. Essences create more hydration to your skin and help with the absorption of the products to follow. Apply a few drops onto your hands and gently pat onto your skin.

    More concentrated and possessing a thicker consistency than essences,  this step targets any issues you may have specific to your skin such as acne, wrinkles, tightening pores etc. Apply a few drops onto your hands and gently pat onto your skin.

   Everyone should be familiar with this step, and this is probably the most time-consuming step. This layer of treatment maximizes the hydration into your skin, and is typically left on your skin for 15-20 minutes. This step should be used 2-3 times a week. 

   This step plays an important part in protecting your skin and it is important to find a good eye cream and face cream that works for your skin. This step helps with sealing in all the products you previously applied, keeping your face hydrated all day (and night!) after your AM and PM routines. To apply, pat cream or moisturizer on your face, avoiding the area around your eyes. Note: Please remember that the skin around your eyes are very fragile, so it is recommended you specifically use an eye cream to protect that area. 

  Sunscreen or BB creams are designed to block off UV from your skin.This is the last step of defense for your skin and should be used every day, rain or shine. Many sunscreen products specify a timeframe they're good for and advise when the product should be re-applied. Please follow the instructions on the sunscreen of your choice to maximize protection for your skin! We currently do not offer sunscreen because they are widely available in North America. However, based on what we've read and tested, we highly recommend the Biore UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence. 

These steps can seem daunting and time-consuming at first, and don't get us wrong - they definitely are time-consuming! But once you start noticing results of healthy, hydrated skin that glows - you'll want to make these steps your daily skin care routine!



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