Protecting our Canadian K-Beauty Lovers - Part I

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We all love our Korean Beauty products! As much as we love to bring them all into Canada legally, many of us as consumers might not be aware of the steps and regulations a reputable retailer has to go through in order to offer them to you legally in Canada.

Compared to our friends in the US, the Canadian regulation seems to have a few extra layers of security to ensure our Canadians are being protected when using any imported cosmetic/skin care products. If you would like to know more info on the requirements, then this article is for you!

First of all. Is your retailer a registered company?

The internet boom has really exploded in the 21st century and online interaction is now part of our lives. In 2000, we had estimated 414 million internet users worldwide, now in 2016, we have grown to a whopping 3.4 billion users and the numbers are growing every second! In case you were lost by the numbers, 1000 Million = 1 Billion. 

Many of us have bought something online. Usually from well-known websites, and sometimes from a sketchy website? Good thing for the PayPal service where they can offer an extra peace of mind, especially if anything goes wrong with your purchase. Have you noticed a massive number of online stores where you cannot find their store name registered with the government? Perhaps not, as a consumer, we typically google the best deal we can find online, or just go through a reputable website where we "think" they are well known due to the massive marketing. Checking the registry of an online store is the last thing on our mind, but it is strange we cannot find them as a registered company (same as their typical store name) when issues do arise? Perhaps you are now a little more alerted? 

If we are talking about a Canadian business, you should be able to look them up under Corporations Canada at any time. Even if they are only an online based company, it is by law there should be a name or number associated with Corporations Canada. You might want to question yourself if any of your usual online retailers are nowhere to be found on Corporations Canada. Just remember you are the only person who can protect yourself against any online purchases. Don't just let the marketing blind your eyes, especially when we are talking about putting products onto your skin. Taking some safety precautions can protect you in the long run.

Stay tuned for part II.




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