Why should you mask?

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When it comes to masking, many people might think it's a very time consuming step. It may be true as you get to certain stages in life, where you may not be able to spare much time before bed.😭 Way back when, masking was such a luxury that some would only put on a sheet mask before a very important event. 

These days, masking has become very common and much more affordable (well, most of them anyway! 😝), and there are so many beneficial ingredients formulated into these masks. They are the perfect step for a boost in hydration, as well as other related benefits like calming, anti-aging, and brightening. 

There are a few masking categories we will cover in this topic, the most common one being sheet masks, then wash off masks, and also the sleep masks. All of them serve a similar purpose but are also designed to fit your desired lifestyle. 

Sheet Masks are popular due to its simple yet effective design. Since the technology on masks have advanced quite a bit over the years, there are many types of materials being used into masks; from the regular fabric to hydrogel, and foil to rubber. They all serve a similar purpose at the end - to penetrate those benefiting essences onto the skin for maximum absorption, leaving no room for the essences to "escape" but to be absorbed into the skin. Play with different types of masks and eventually you will find out which ones you like best. 

Are there any specific ways to use sheet masks? Well, you want to make sure your face is cleansed & toned at least! If you want to do the complete routine when you have the time, be sure to read to our steps so you can get the full benefit out of masking. 👍

As always, follow the instructions on how long you should be using each mask (typically between 15 - 20 minutes). Never let a mask dry on your face as it will start to take away moisture from your skin! Doubt anyone would want to reverse the effects! 😝  You might also ask what could you do with the extra essences left in the pouch? There are a few ways you can use the essences. Either store them in a sealed jar for your routine the following morning, or simply apply the extra essence onto your body. Experiment with different methods and you will find what works best for you!

Eye masks are always a great addition to masking since many masks do not come with eye covers. This will ensure you are completely utilizing your masking time.😘 

Wash-off Masks are typically in a thicker form which can easily stay on your face without a sheet mask "holding it". Clay masks are typically designed to dry onto your face which helps shrink down / clear the pores. There are also newer types of wash off masks that stay moist on your skin for a certain amount of time, then you just wash it off to reveal glowing results. As always, follow the instructions closely so you can get the most out of each mask. Some masks even require a continuing massage once applied!

Sleep Masks are similar to an evening moisturizer and could even replace the last step in your skin care routine. Typically you should be wearing these masks to sleep, and wake up to improved results in the morning. These masks are perfect for those who have no time for sheet masks or wash-off masks. All you need to do is complete your evening routine, apply the sleep mask then have a good night's sleep! We recommend starting with a thin layer to test during the first night, then slowly increase the amount if the previous amount didn't give you the results you were looking for.

Hopefully this topic will be informative to those looking into using masks. Be sure to check out our Mask Section if you are looking for that instant boost for your skin! 😇




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