Korean Beauty products now available in Canada and USA

Direct from South Korea to Edmonton, Alberta

Mikaela Beauty is proud to introduce some of the most popular Korean skincare brands - Benton, CosRX, J.One, Klairs, Mizon, Pyunkang Yul and Huxley into Canada and the USA!
We are constantly searching for more affordable Korean skin care products for our Canadian & US clients. In order to meet our criteria, these products must use top quality ingredients and pass the Health Canada Cosmetic Screening, and they must be truly innovative.
Based in Edmonton, AB, we are a Canadian company dedicated to making these Korean skincare products available in Canada as well as the USA. We are passionate about skin care and skin health, and we hope that you will appreciate these K-beauty brands as much as we do!

Remember: Beauty starts with healthy skin first!

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When it comes to masking, many people might think it's a very time consuming step. It may be true as you get to certain stages in life, where you may not be able to spare much time before bed.😭 Way back when, masking was such a luxury that some would only put on a...

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The Serum that Addresses Your Skin's Specific Needs

We mentioned in our last blog that people tend to mix up serums with essences, and it is true they may all have similar purposes to a certain extent. However, serums are designed to tackle more specific skin concerns and is formulated with much higher concentrations of active ingredients to...

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The Essential Step that Gives the "Glow"

For those who have been reading our blog, you've probably guessed this next topic! Essence is definitely one of the steps sworn by those into Korean beauty. Not only will it provide you with an extra layer of hydration, this step is one of the most important steps to fight...

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