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One of The Oldest Ingredients in History

Many of us have heard, used or even consumed this ingredient before. If you have an Asian background or are familiar with the Asian culture, this ingredient should not be a stranger to you. In the western world though, it could still be a mystery to many. It might not be...

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Transitioning into Winter Season

  When you think about our skin’s condition and winter☃, a few things come to mind: dry, dull, flaky, and parched skin. So what’s the secret to keeping our skin radiant and protecting it from the extreme wind🌫 and cold🌪? Hydration, hydration, and hydration of course! Besides drinking the recommended...

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The Step that Seals Everything

If you have been following our previous posts, you can probably guess what this one is all about. This blog took us the longest to complete, as we wanted to make sure most of the areas are covered in order for you to fully understand the moisturizer / cream step.  Many...

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