Oil Cleansing - The first step of cleansing

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All of us should be familiar with the term cleansing, and you have probably used some type of cleanser in your daily routine, but is oil cleansing just another type of cleansing? Yes and no. For many folks, oil cleansers are mainly for makeup removal. And yes, it does work quite well for that purpose, but do you know it also has other benefits as well? Let's get down to it!
The theory of oil cleansing is quite simple: use oil to dissolve oil. A good oil cleanser is designed to lift the dirt and dissolve oil/makeup from your skin without the harsh cleansing effects like any other types of cleansers. It should maintain the moisture level and keep your skin hydrated after the wash. During the regular cleansing method, your skin will produce more oil when it is overly cleansed. This is normal because your skin is trying to regenerate the moisture level back to your skin - oil/water balance. But because this will overwork your skin, it can cause rashes and breakouts. If your skin always feels dry after using the regular cleansing method, you should really give the oil cleansing step a go. This method could literally save your dehydrated skin and become the holy grail in your routine. 
Who should be using it? Pretty much everyone. You could have dry skin, oily skin due to dehydrated cleansing method, or simply need a safer makeup remover. You will find that this step helps your skin maintain much more moisture compared to the normal cleansing method. However, we should mention if you have super sensitive skin that breakouts easily, you should do a patch test prior to a full application. Sometimes your skin might not like this step when first being introduced, and it could take some time for it to be completely used to it.   
When should it be used? This completely depends on you. If you only wear light make-up, you can probably get away with three times a week. If you find your skin very greasy by the end of the day, you should probably use it that night. 
How do you apply it? Simply apply a thin layer to your face and lightly massage it, but don't rub it too hard as it can irritate your skin if it's over worked.  After the massage, allow it to sit for a little longer to break down the dirt or makeup. While you are waiting, dampen a soft towel with warm water, then simply wipe off the oil gently. Remember! use soft towels and gently wipe it off to avoid any possible damage to your skin!
In the next blog we will be talking about water based cleansing, which can be very useful if you have acne prone skin. 
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