The Essential Step that Gives the "Glow"

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For those who have been reading our blog, you've probably guessed this next topic! Essence is definitely one of the steps sworn by those into Korean beauty. Not only will it provide you with an extra layer of hydration, this step is one of the most important steps to fight aging.

So what is an essence? As we mentioned in our previous blogs, each step of the K-beauty routine is to layer additional moisture (plus other functions) into the skin. The viscosity of each layer gets thicker as you move closer to the end of your routine. Essence is more of a watery, gel-like texture. It's thicker than a toner but thinner than a serum. The function of a good essence should focus not only on the level of hydration, but also skin cell regeneration, which means it's designed to tackle fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

At this point you might ask, is this step even necessary? Well if you're looking to even out skin tones, fight those wrinkles and increase moisture level, this is a must!

When people talk about wrinkles, especially in the west, we've notice people normally don't show concern until they're in their 30's or even later. It is not too late but you are certainly behind in the game! Did you know girls in Korea typically have a routine (especially including essences!) in their 20's or even earlier? This might be surprising to the Western culture, but it is much easier to prevent wrinkles at a young age than battling fine lines at a later age. Plus your skin will take much longer to regenerate!

So what's the best way to apply it? We prefer to use our hands. Simply apply a few drops and dab onto your face, start from the chin and work your way up. We recommend to use this step both AM and PM for quicker results!

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