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We created this pack to help those interested in getting started with J.One products, as well as those who want to shorten their routines in the morning. You may be too busy, always on the go, or want something different than your usual routines. This set might just change your experience. Each pack includes:

1x J.ONE - Jelly Cleanser - A low pH foam cleanser that soothes and protects while deep cleaning.

1x J.ONE - Jelly Pack - A multifunctional cream that hydrates, firms and is also a great primer prior to make-up application.

1x J.ONE - Hana Cream - Formed into small capsules to fight aging while giving that perfect complexion. No more guesses on the perfect amount to use, one capsule at a time!

3x J.ONE - Jelly Pack Vita 2-Step Mask - Tencel fabric sheet mask with intensive brightening & firming effect, followed by an application of the Jelly Pack.

3x J.ONE - Jelly Pack Luminous 2-Step Mask - Bamboo charcoal sheet mask with intensive moisture & firming effects, followed by an application of the Jelly Pack. 

Disclaimer: While we try to keep the ingredient list as accurate as possible, ingredients are subject to change at brands' discretion. The product packaging will have the latest up-to-date information. If you have any concerns about certain ingredients or new formulations, be sure to contact us prior to purchase.



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