Refillable Airless Pump Dispenser

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Love your favorite products but they are in a tub? Try out these refillable airless pump dispensers! Easily refillable, no more hassle with spatula or fingers in the tub! Compare to those traditional pump bottles with a tube inside to draw its products, this airless pump is using its bottom plate inside the bottle to push up its product, perfect for those products with thicker viscosity (creams & lotion) which the regular pump bottles cannot handle! The crystal clear tube helps identify the actual amount of product inside each bottle.

Color: Black or White 

Size: 30ml

Dimensions: 114mm (H) x 33mm (D)

How to Use
We recommend using a clean, sanitized syringe (without needle head) to transfer your products into these bottles. Once the bottle is filled, tighten the pump cap. Continue to pump until product starts dispensing (if there is empty space in the bottle, it will take longer to release the air gaps until the bottle is completely air tight). You should also notice the bottom inner plate start to move upwards as product is being released through the pump.

Disclaimer: While we try to keep the ingredient list as accurate as possible, ingredients are subject to change at brands' discretion. The product packaging will have the latest up-to-date information. If you have any concerns about certain ingredients or new formulations, be sure to contact us prior to purchase.



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